Fun Fan!  

Dame Olga was for many years a devoted supporter of the Soroptomist Senior Citizens Village and presented at least three plays to raise funds for the work and activities of the organization.  The plays including  See How They Run , among others,  involved many of the islands leading actors of the time.  Most successful of these plays was Charlie’s Aunt which was directed by Patrick Foster and played to sold out crowds at Bds$5.00 per ticket from July 12 -23, 1978.  She also organized Bingo events for fundraising and was even able to secure a BDS $15,000 contribution to support the village from Prince Abdullah Al Sabah of Kuwait.  She was such a valued member of the Soroptomist Barbados, that a dinner was held in her honour to celebrate her contributions and support to that organization.

In addition to her endless love and compassion for people, Dame Olga also had a cheerful, spirited disposition, an infectious laugh and great sense of humor.  She could often be seen on Barbados’ roads driving her trusted van, a gift from the Variety Children’s Charity.  Of her driving skills, she noted …

“ I am still the best driver in Barbados.  I tell everybody I’m a very good driver and they laugh at me…I can drive and I tell people that all the time and I mean it.  I often tell people you can drive as good as me, but you can’t drive better than me.  I drive everybody’s car, the one in front and the ones likely to come from both sides…

In this same interview, she also recalled attending a funeral in earlier years in Guyana and commenting on how nice the funeral was, only to be told by an old lady sitting nearby.

“Aunty Olga you call this a nice funeral. Wait till you dead, you will see what's a nice funeral”.  Dame Olga responded  "So when I dead I will see a nice funeral. I am happy with the life I have lived thus far. The only thing left for me to get is the RIP," she said laughing so heartily that her dog lying next to her jumped, looked at her, wagged his tail and laid back down."

As for that dog, her faithful pet Hercules, she often laughingly referred to him as “the man in my life.


…”Olga Lopes Seale has to be the best guide on the island…we don’t see how any [tour company] could rival her vast knowledge and amazing sense of humour.  She really knows how to mix the two to keep you hanging on her next words.  She also made us feel like treasured new friends.” 

Not surprisingly, Auntie Olga’s passion and love for her adopted home Barbados, extended way beyond her work as a community social worker and activist, humanitarian, broadcaster and columnist.  Probably one of the least known facts about this woman of the people was her work as a tour guide.  “I love my tours because I love Barbados.”  Kathy Winter Hall, formerly of Destinations Management Services, the company with which Dame Olga worked freelance as a tour guide, remembers her…” she was special in that she imparted so much of her intimate knowledge of the island…she knew everything, everybody.  Hers was not the typical cut and dried tour.”