Children's Party Pageant of Youth - The Graduation ceremony of the St. Leonard's Girls  

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  •  Introduction with Poetry and Song 
  •  Announcement of the Graduation Class 
  •  Comments and appreciation for graduation programme 
  •  Closing remarks 
  • Children’s Party Pageant of Youth – The Graduation ceremony of the St. Leonard’s Girls 16-7-86 Poem: Not Only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.I love you not only for what you have made of yourself. But for what you are making of me.I love you for the part of me you bring out.I love you for putting your hand into my peaceful heart and the passing over all the foolish and frivolous and weak things you cannot help dimly seeing there and for drawing out into the light all the beautiful, radiant belongings that no one else had looked quite far enough to find.I love you for ignoring the possibilities of the fool and weakling in me and for laying firm hold of the possibilities of the good in me.I love you for closing your eyes to the discords in me and for adding to the music in me by attentive listening.I love you for helping me to make out of the lumber of my life, not a tavern but a temple and of the words of my everyday living. Not a reproach but a song.I love you because you have done more than any faith could have done to make me happy.You have done it by being yourself. Perhaps, that’s what a friend means after all. 
  • Interlude of Music – Choir accompanied by piano 
  • Auntie Olga - And now for the Graduating Class of St. Leonard’s Girls Secondary School for 1986.  Three cheers, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. 
  • Auntie Olga - Well Granny, I have never seen you so spellbound for I don’t know how long. Tell me. Carson Small -Ms. Olga. Auntie Olga - Yes, Granny. Carson Small - Girl uh speechless. Auntie Olga - But I’m glad you found your speech now.Carson Small - You would know when I speechless things tight girl. This program fantastic Ms. Olga. Auntie Olga - It even brings out a big big word for the occasion.Carson Small - Well, you know this is graduation and when it comes Ms. Olga to St. Leonard’s’ Girls you can tek off your pot an depen’ pun dem, put it on empty Ms. Olga and you would get it full. Auntie Olga - Really? Carson Small - Duh knows duh business. Auntie Olga - I know they perform some miracles in producing some of the loveliest programmes we have had over the years. But I think this is particularly nice with the theme of “Peace and Friendship”  Carson Small – Eint it did moving neh.  Ms. Olga it give muh goose pimples.  Da wuh you call dem? (laughter). Auntie Olga - Yes, yes, yes. Carson Small – It send a thrill up my spine Ms. Olga. Auntie Olga -  It got rid of all the arthritis? Carson Small - Ms. Olga, ah cure in a hurry (laughter) . The ole hair pon the head top stood up straight Ms. Olga. And de two knee foot at one time deh wobbling, yeh. Auntie Olga - I know you wanted to clap but I couldn’t let you applaud and break the continuity of the programme. Carson Small - You like ya got a big word … conta who? (laughter) Auntie Olga - Continuity. Carson Small - I thought yuh seh condominium. Students (audience) – Laughing. Auntie Olga - So that’s why your two knees knocking. Students (audience) – Continues to Laugh. Carson Small - Yes, yes Ms. Olga. But I really enjoy myself. I would like to congradulate all the girls that passing out. Auntie Olga - And the teachers, of course. Carson Small - Thank the teachers for a magnificent job well done from the headmistress right away down. Evahbody who had anything ta do wid it.  You notice I didn’t trouble Uncle Jeff today, neh. Auntie Olga - No. you can’t trouble Uncle Jeff today. Carson Small - He behave like a gentleman though. Auntie Olga - Yes, he did. Carson Small – I also would like to offer a word of warning to the girls Ms. Olga. They leaving and they gine out in de big, wide wonderful world, and they has to be careful. If they keep their eyes on Jesus, they can’t go wrong Ms. Olga. Auntie Olga - I agree with you Granny. Carson Small – changes his voices assuming the name “George” – Auntie Olga. Auntie Olga – What are you doing here George? Carson Small “George” – You don’t think I could come to a graduation programme though? Auntie Olga – Well I didn’t think you would want something as quiet and as dignified as this.Carson Small “George” – Auntie Olga you never hear bout the word adjustment?Auntie Olga – You’ve adjusted to the occasion? Carson Small “George” – Auntie Olga I can rise to the occasion and I can mek the necessary adjustments, yeh. Auntie Olga – Have you any suggestions today? Carson Small “George” – I join wid Granny and I would like to encourage the girls in all o duh wisdom and understanding to mek sure duh put Jesus first in everything duh do; because the Bible say “Remember yuh Creator in the days of yuh youth,” Auntie Olga. Auntie Olga – Very good for you George.Carson Small – I would like to dedicate a tune to all o dem dat graduating. Auntie Olga – Are you doing this dedication this morning? Carson Small “George”  – Yes Auntie Olga, I would like Uncle Carson to play for me and all the girls and the teachers “What a Friend we have in Jesus.” Carson Small changes voice to Granny – Ms. Olga… Auntie Olga – Yes Granny. Carson Small “Granny” - Who dedicating, me or he …? Auntie Olga – Well I don’t know, usually you dedicate Granny. Carson Small “Granny” – Ms. Olga, he is me grandson and I leading. Auntie Olga – You leading?Carson Small “Granny” - I has to been spoken up first. Laughter from audience. Auntie Olga – Well I hope you gonna speak up to please George today. Carson Small – Ms. Olga I would like "Peace, perfect peace" I older than he. Auntie Olga – And what does he want.Carson Small – He want “What a Friend we have in Jesus.”Auntie Olga – I Think we’ll have “What a Friend we have in Jesus.” Carson Small – Ms. Olga you backing up he. Auntie Olga – Yeh, I backing up George this morning. Carson Small – So wuh he say goes. Auntie Olga – This time, yes. Carson Small – Well, I eint gine get to nuh hasty convulsion. Ms. Olga,Laughter heard. Carson Small -  I gine stand down and settle fuh wuh he want. Auntie Olga – Alright. Carson Small – I gine beg Uncle Carson ta play “What a Friend we have in Jesus.” Auntie Olga – That’s right, that’s very peaceful  Granny. Thank you very much. Carson Small – Peace, perfect peace. So I ent billing nuh noise.  Uncle Carson you play fuh evahbody “What a Friend we have in Jesus.”  
  • Carson Small changed his voice to “Uncle Carson” – Well, Sis. Pollard I will grant you your request and I also would like to wish the girls all the best for the future as they go out into the big, wide wonderful world. What a Friend we have in Jesus.
  • Carson Small – On the Harmonica playing “What a Friend we have in Jesus.” Audience applauding 
  • Auntie Olga – Well Uncle Carson, you got a nice applause from the graduates.
    Carson Small – Thank you ever so much Auntie Olga and…Auntie Olga – Thank you very much and God bless you girls. Carson Small – Same to you and yours.Auntie Olga - Ok
    1. Da- That 2. Da Wuh you call dem – Is that what you call them (or refer to them)? 3. Dem- Them 4. Duh – Their  5. Duh knows duh business – They know what they are doing. 6. Ein- And 7. Evahbody – Everybody 8. Fuh – For  9. Gine – Going to 10. Mek- Make 11. Nuh - No 12. Pun – On 13. Sa – Say 14. Ta - To 15. Tek – Take 16. Wid - With 17. Wuh – What 18. Ya - You 19. Yuh – Your 20. Yuh can tek off your pot ein depen’ pun dem and put dem on empty   and yuh would get it full – They are reliable and dependable and never disappointing.

Title:Children's Party Pageant of Youth - The Graduation ceremony of the St. Leonard's Girls
Creator:Olga Lopes-Seale