Yours Truly Olga 1  

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  •  Introduction 
  •   Friendship 
  •  Individuality 
  •  Trust 
  •  Choices of life 
  • Olga
    Hello everyone, this is yours truly, Olga.
    Musical interlude 
  • Olga with music in the background
    And the verses I am going to be using this time around come from the pen of James Metcalfe.  Here’s one that says – “So Glad to know you.” 
  • Music continues in the background
    Olga continues:You are so wonderful a friend, you are so good to know. I wish that you and I had met a long, long time ago,But I’m very thankful that somehow we got together. For you are so considerate in every kind of weather.Your way of life inspires me and every word you say, gives faith and courage to my heart and strength from day to day. By every standard high and true, your friendship is a treasure, I hope I can repay you in the best and fullest measure. At least you can be certain that whatever may befall, I’ll pray to God and thank him for you who are my very all. 

  • Playing of a Country song – I thank God for every day that I live 
  • Olga
    Are you waiting for somebody wonderful to take charge of your life, and waiting and waiting? You know you can plug into your own special power and light up your life. Each of us is a separate person, we are the subtle combination of factors that will never occur again.We’re all singular and incomparable.Who and what we are has been determined largely by our heredity, society, education, family and friends.  All of these have helped to make our lives richer and more exciting, but they have also brought with them complications, frustrations and contradictions, which have made severe demands upon our mental and emotional energies and which are likely to continue to do so in the future.It was in this way that our personhood was created.  By the rich and exciting as well as the frustrating and depressing. Somewhere within and between both rely our true selves. 
  • As fully functioning persons, we know that we have a right to be what we are, even if what we are is not compatible with what we have learnt to be. We have a right to choose our own selves, even if that self is different from the selves of others.We have a right to feel as we do even if those feelings are frowned upon by others.  This does not mean that we have a right to inflict ourselves upon others anymore than we would desire to have others inflict themselves upon us. It does mean that we have a right to choose, develop and live with ourselves and to share without apology. 
  • A poem that states this powerfully and simply has the impressive title –" I am neither a sacrilege nor a privilege; I may not be competent or excellent, but I am present." Michelle, the young poetist states boldly – "My happiness is me, not you.  Not only because you may be temporary but also because you want me to be what I am not.  I cannot be happy when I change merely to satisfy your selfishness, nor can I feel content when you criticize me for not thinking your thoughts, for not seeing like you. You call me a rebel. Yet for each time I have rejected your beliefs, you have rebelled against mine.  I do not try to mold your mind.  I know you’re trying hard enough to be just you, and I cannot allow you to tell me what to be, for I am concentrating on being me." She adds: You said I was transparent and easily forgotten, but why then did you try to use my lifetime to prove to yourself what you are. Strange little verse isn’t it, but with a lot of truth. 
  • Indeed we are our own happiness and each time we have strayed from ourselves, we have been led to despair.  We cannot find ourselves in others, we cannot live for others, nor can we use them for our own self affirmation.  We cannot always be what others want us to be.  For what they want may not be what we are, and that is all that we have.  We can only rely upon ourselves, this is just a simple fact, yet is perhaps the greatest single cause of human psychological struggle and pain. It is often easier for us to become what others desire, but in so doing we relinquish our dreams, abandon our hopes and ignore our needs.  This leaves us feeling abandoned, weakened and impotent without a genuine self.  We have all we need to become what we are – our perfect selves. It is often easier for us to become what others desire, but in so doing we relinquish our dreams, abandon our hopes and ignore our needs.  This leaves us feeling abandoned, weakened and impotent without a genuine self.  We have all we need to become what we are – our perfect selves.All we need to do to realize ourselves is to recognize them, develop them and live them in action. We must embrace ourselves as we are and as we have the potential to become before we can embrace life or others.  We must yield to the pull toward self realization in a way that is good, loving, peaceful, joyful, patient and disciplined.We must have no desire to control, possess or dominate, nor allow others to do so to us. 
  • Armed with a daring to turn inward, and freed from the turney of externality, we must determine our way, we must affirm ourselves, we continue to gain the wisdom and strength and freedom to accept as well as reject. To instigate change or remain static. To affect others as well as be affected by them.  To determine circumstances as well as to be at their mercy.  
  • We are no longer puppets being manipulated by outside powerful forces.  We become the powerful force ourselves. For all human acts, there are alternatives. The greater the number of imaginative and creative alternatives to behavior we possess, the more meaningful the choice, the more self-determined the action. Some persons for example find that the only escape from despair, lies in such drastic and limited behaviours as murder, suicide or madness.  Others become almost totally impotent to act.  There are those who seem to be able to survive anything – experience, the pain, feel the hurt, know the fear, then let it go and continue to function.The more mentally-ill the person, the fewer the alternatives.  The more fully functioning the person, the vaster the choices.  Life is selected over death, wisdom over ignorance, pain over apathy, and joy over despair. 
  • Such a person uses himself and his environment to the best advantage. No one who is trying to be himself, will ever be free from tragedy.  External circumstances will forever continue to frustrate us and our way.  We are so conditioned to the expectation of the worst, that we have become suspicious of peace, joy and love and are certain that when we experience joy, horror must be just around the corner.  You know we cannot stop a hurricane, silence a storm, or keep a loved one from leaving us. But it is our response and reaction to these catastrophic experiences that will determine whether we will continue to survive and grow toward fully becoming a functioning person. This is another way of saying that fully functioning persons use pain and joy equally in determining themselves.  They can either relinquish the responsibility for their lives to outside forces such as society, family, friends or lovers or they can assume the bittersweet responsibility of their own self creation. 
  • Song – I am what I am by Gloria Gaynor 
  • Olga
    Here’s another lovely verse from the pen of James Metcalfe, it’s called True to each trust. "Much more than many other things I hope to be is to be worthy of the trust my friends repose in me. For trust is faith and faith is love and love is many things including all the comfort and the happiness it brings.Trust is a badge of honour that no-one can buy or steal, It is integrity itself, a truly great ideal. The sole foundation weak or strong for every floor and wall,Of which a friendship firmly stands or it is bound to fall. And so I hope whatever comes, wherever I may be,That never once will I betray a trust reposed in me." 
  • Song – Trust in me 
  • Olga with theme song in background . Each day do only that much to which you know you should do,And they will never be a thing to fret or bother you,Do not extend your efforts to accomplish more and more, within those hours of the day to make a higher score. Nor let the precious moments of a single day slip by, as tasks neglected may become a pile that grows too high.Too little or too much at once is not the very best, as lazy ones should be at work and those who toil should rest. Just have an even schedule and fulfill it every day, and peace and joy and true success will join you on your way. 

  • Musical interlude continues

Title:Yours Truly Olga 1
Creator:Olga Lopes-Seale